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Achieve the unthinkable

A new revolutionary approach to transformation

The Higher Brain Living® System profoundly increases energy in your Higher Brain, helps you create a new map of your life, and brings that empowered Higher Brain state to all areas of your life. This is how true and lasting transformation happens.


Higher Brain Living Benefits

The peer reviewed journal 'ADVANCES IN MIND-BODY MEDICINE' recently published a ground breaking study demonstrating the effectiveness of Higher Brain Living® (HBL) to improve human well-being. 
The study was hosted through the University of Iowa and has demonstrated that compared to a control group, the HBL recipients increased LIFE MEANING, HAPPINESS, LIFE MASTERY, the ability to FLOURISH and much more! 

A new Brain
A new Begining

After nearly 3 decades of immersing himself in the study of human potential, Dr. Michael Cotton found that rarely did people have true and lasting transformational change. Even those that did all the right things (self-development practices, attended seminars, meditation, yoga, etc.) rarely created the life they truly wanted.

We now know why! There is a key to self-development that has not been well understood—a ‘missing link’ if you will—and that’s the lack of energy in the highest, most evolved part of our brain.

You see, you can have new thoughts, great goals, big dreams and compelling visions…but these thoughts, goals, dreams and visions are fleeting if the Higher Brain does not drive them forward.

There must be a corresponding change in brain function to match your new thoughts, goals and dreams…or they do not become sustainable.

After a decade of research and development, a system has been developed that does exactly that.

About the program

The Higher Brain Living® System is a revolutionary discovery that is transforming the way we approach healing and personal growth. Through the Fearlessly Authentic Life Program (24-Step Program), we help metabolize higher structures of the brain, dissipate and transcend the lower brain stress response and increase emotional states and states of consciousness to apply to all areas of our life.


Attend a Presentation or schedule your call.

Contact me for and inquire if there are any upcoming presentation. At this event you will learn about Higher Brain Living® first-hand, and you may even get to see a demonstration of the body and brain awakening through our revolutionary technique!


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